MECCSS Solutions


Construction is one of the most demanding industries in which to operate, with underlying challenges in productivity, profitability, performance, labour, and sustainability to contend with. Here at MECCSS, we understand these challenges and strive to assist our clients by leveraging on our vast knowledge and expertise of various construction work processes including:

• 5D BIM Quantity Takeoff

Quantity Takeoff is a vital, but time-consuming part of the construction estimation process, requiring a high level of accuracy and commitment. As a company versed in BIM Quantity Takeoff, MECCSS Solutions is ready to take on this important task; thereby allowing your company to reduce overhead costs, increase efficiency, place more successful bids and maximise your profit margins.

• Project Costing

Costing and controlling cost is very essential to the success of every project. At MECCSS we provide solutions based on the challenges faced by Cost Management teams in controlling their budgets; which may otherwise lead to conflict between agencies and clients.

Our expertise in Project Costing, helps you manage and navigate important aspects such as Cost Monitoring, Payments and Budget Control etc.; all of which can significantly impact the success of a project. We focus client policies and establish elemental cost planning by using the most appropriate methods which includes advance level addendum management. Our process is centralised using 5D project models, bringing you extra value and transparency.

• Software Training

MECCSS delivers comprehensive training and development for all of the software solutions that we provide; from basic to advanced levels. Training programs can be conducted either at your place of work, our training centre or online. Furthermore, we engage in development activities throughout the year, ensuring that our clients are fully trained and confident while using the software. These activities include webinars, workshops and product updates.

• Bespoke Training Programs

On request, MECCSS develops bespoke training programs to suit your company’s needs. This can include:

  • Quantity Surveying courses: Basic to Advanced levels.
  • BIM QS Professional