Cubicost TBQ

Version: V2.0.0.2588
Release Date: 2016-09-14
Now Available for: Global
Downloaded: 910


Professional, Accurate & Easy-to-Check
Identify devices with numerous types and specifications in all disciplines on all floors by only one click.
Complete wiring for the multiple circuits with cables and wires and offer reasonable cable tray sizes based on wiring specifications in trays by only one click, taking off quickly.
Provide 3D views of MEP elements, making it realistic and intuitive to check quantities.


Various Quantity Reports
Support importing local BQs and extracting MEP quantities to generate BQ reports quickly.
Provide a variety of report formats and support exporting to Excel for different requirements.
Check and edit quantities conveniently by perfoming Check Reversely to trace quantities in reporsts to their positions in the BIM model generated by TME.

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