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About DANAOS Projects

DANAOS Projects Software Solutions is an Engineering and Construction (E&C) market-leading software provider that modernizes and transforms construction companies in order to stay competitive in a changing and volatile marketplace. With a construction management mindset and a comprehensive experience, acquired from 20+ years of developing, customizing and setting up ProjectVIEW ERP for construction companies around the world, we are true construction software specialists.

ProjectVIEW ERP System

Designed by construction and software professionals our product, ProjectVIEW ERP, is a Cost Control and Construction Management software that ‘understands’ Bidding, Planning, Designing, Materials Procurement, Machinery Monitoring, Site Labor Management and Project Execution and ‘speaks’ the exact language of all stakeholders, simply and effectively. ProjectVIEW is a Construction-Specific ERP bundled with DANAOS professional services of certified construction managers, planners and engineering economists (English and Arab speakers) that can setup, train and deliver tailor-made ProjectVIEW ERP on average between 5-6 months. ProjectVΙΕW is a comprehensive Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) solution that will cover 100% all the aspects of your works, allowing more proposal submissions, more wins and optimized construction management.

Key Features

  • Import and export data, from and to, the original BoQ XLS tender template used during cost estimation and resource planning
  • Integration with any BIM provider (BIM agnostic) embedding 5th dimension in project planning.
  • CSI master format for material cost comparison and extra tags per Material allowing efficient categorization and a single-source-of-truth.
  • Easy subcontractor management by allowing allocation of packages/divisions during procurement and Contract Management during execution of works
  • Safeguards a ‘transparent’ e-purchasing cycle based on multi-attribute assessment of vendors’ quotation both in qualitative and quantitative terms and an e-auction add-on that open ups price bidding to selective vendors to filter the most valuable offer.
  • AI module for bidding optimization, using advanced analytics and big data algorithms, per region, per market and per type of project
  • A bridge of constant communication between site and office for daily monitoring of labor productivity, material requests, machinery utilization and project progress
  • Trilateral view of cost control along the project baseline by integrating BoQ lines with Primavera WBS and accounting cost centers.
  • Benchmarks of your budgeted costs and schedules and comparison of real-time progress of works and exploitation of resources.
  • Management and alignment of your companies’ projects with RFIs, subcontractors’ certifications and payments, client’s payments and transactions
  • Association of qualitative (record keeping) and quantitative (cost centered) attributes to each deliverable, expediting the Payment Certificate procedures and fine tuning the payments to suppliers and subcontractors (cash flow).
  • More than 300 ready reports, dynamic reporting and business analytics

ProjectVIEW Modules


We enable construction, infrastructure and facilities management companies along with shipbuilders and large shipyards to increase their bid-wins and profit margins. From Tendering to Construction and Maintenance, we do that by aligning work and costs in the office and onsite and enhancing administrative transparency and quality.

User Roles

With more than 20 years of experience in software for Construction Management, we are a leading solutions provider that enables contractors, project managers and construction managers to set-in place their digital transformation roadmap, customizing ProjectVIEW as such; in order to exploit their data and deploy efficient processes. We enable construction, infrastructure and facilities management companies along with shipbuilders and large shipyards to increase their bid-wins and profit margins.

SaaS Launching

Based on a subscription-based sales model with unlimited users per Office and Site, ProjectVIEW can be launched either on premises or on cloud. ProjectVIEW as a modifiable off-the-shelf software can be integrated with any third party system such as: ORACLE, SAP, Microsoft, SAGE etc. and can be customized to the needs of each Client.

ProjectVIEW Concept

ProjectVIEW is seamlessly connected with any BIM system and integrated with Oracle Primavera, providing a holistic 5D, 360 degrees view, of Cost- Time Resources by comparing the Budgeted vs Actual Progress of Works and by bridging Site Personnel and Office users.