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Used by over 80% of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, psychometric assessments are objective, standardised and scientific tests used for measuring the behavioural style and mental capabilities of an individual. Psychometric tests are designed specifically to measure a candidate’s ‘fit’/suitability for a particular role, based on job’s required personality traits and aptitude. Psychometric assessments therefore allows us to determine the extent to which a candidates’ cognitive abilities and personality matches those that are required to successfully perform a job. There are two main types of Psychometric assessments;

  • Aptitude
  • Personality


Aptitude tests are used to assess a candidate’s reasoning or cognitive ability. It allows us to determine the extent to which a candidate has the right knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform a particular role. The most commonly used aptitude tests include:

  • Verbal Numerical
  • Situational judgement
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Diagrammatic reasoning


In recent years, personality tests have become increasingly popular, as they have proven highly effective in predicting future behaviour within an occupational context. A personality assessment explores an individual’s motivations, values and interests and provides information on how their behaviours at work will contribute to their performance on the job.   Furthermore, personality tests not only gives us a better understanding of how well a candidate will fit into the organisational culture, but also their ability to work with others, their approach to problem solving, their leadership style, areas for further development and how to best manage that individual


Multi-measure test I.e. Aptitude tests + Personality + Interests etc

  • 50%
  • 50%

Aptitude Test

  • 42%
  • 58%

Integrity Tests

  • 20%
  • 80%

Structured interview

  • 27.9%
  • 72.1%

Reference checks

  • 10.8%
  • 89.2%

Unstructured interviews

  • 4.9%
  • 95.1%

Years of job experience

  • 1%
  • 99%

Unstructured interviews

  • 2.8%
  • 97.2%

Benefits of using Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments provide a range of benefits including:

  • Predictive validity: Increases the likelihood of predicting future job performance.
  • Return on Investment:  Employee turnover associated with poor recruitment decisions cost companies time, money and other resources. The cost of replacing an employee can reach as high as 50% to 60% of the employee’s annual salary, with the total costs associated with turnover ranging anywhere between 90% and 200% . Psychometric assessments allow organisations to mitigate the risk associated with making hiring decisions.
  • Reduces cost: Helps filter poor candidates at an early stage and reduces administration costs
  • Objectivity: Provides an objective, transparent, standardised and legally defensible approach to the selection process (reduces unconscious bias).
  • Employee development: Provides greater understanding of candidates/employees strengths and limitations/development needs.
  • Job and organisational culture fit: Fit with job criteria and competencies.

Executive Selection

A rigorous executive selection program of one-on-one assessment, feedback, and induction with an experienced Business Psychologist. The program is challenging for candidates and matches the gravity of the hiring decision and the level of the role. It comprises of:

  • Psychometric assessment & interview
  • Comprehensive verbal and written reporting
  • Feedback sessions with the candidate & their manager*
  • Creation of a structured development plan*

Tailored induction coaching during the first 90 days*

Training and Development – Talent Development Assessment

A rigorous talent development program that stretches over 5 months of one-on-one engagement with an experienced Business Psychologist. The program is a developmental ‘deep dive’ involving over 20 contact hours and comprises:

  • A standardised psychometric assessment & interview
  • A written, comprehensive assessment report
  • Feedback sessions with the person & their manager
  • Creation of a structured development plan
  • Tailored development coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching – Leadership Transformation

Our leadership development programs are conducted one-on-one or in small teams or groups by an experienced business psychologist. The programs typically stretch over six months or more and include a series of structured sessions to introduce our unique combination of models, tools, and techniques in an applied, experiential way. Leaders learn from us about how they can better use role mindset, authority, and assertiveness to influence their own and others’ behaviour. They also learn how to create more consciously a workplace culture that serves their business needs.

Recruitment - Executive Recruitment

Whether you’re looking for contract hires or permanent employees, our team of experienced recruitment experts will provide you with right candidates to meet your specific job specifications. Meccss Solutions specialises in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas